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Digital transformation of the supply chain
Driven by the COVID-19 and national policies, the “digital” transformation has become an irresistible trend!
“Digitalization” can quickly open up the supply chain through AI,
cloud computing, big data, and other technical means, from product design, visual logistics, smart procurement, smart warehousing,
smart parts management, customer digital portraits, to digital marketing.
It is an innovation to the overall comprehensive production management efficiency of the enterprise!
As the electronics industry promotes the development of a high-tech society,
how can semiconductor manufacturers, distributors, and EMS/OEM/ODM factories step out of blind spots to build their digital ecological chain?
How to implement a comprehensive digital transformation of the enterprise in a well-planned and step-by-step manner?
2021 ASPENCORE Global Double Summit will gather supply chain experts for your in-depth interpretation.




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World Electronics Achievement Awards
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