Summit Overview

As an integral part of the electronics industry supply chain, component distributors play a key role in the operations and success of OEMs and manufacturers. ASPENCORE's Global Distribution and Supply Chain Leader Summit – the annual gathering of component distributors, suppliers, SCM services providers, OEMs and manufacturers – was a full house last year with more than 600 participants, plus 10,000 viewing the live broadcast.

With the advent of digital technologies, e-commerce, and most recently artificial intelligence, what does the future hold for traditional distributors? In the face of globalization – with the dual trends of ongoing consolidation of the global semiconductor industry and overseas market expansion of Chinese OEMs – how are semi suppliers'channel management strategies changing? What are the trends witnessed in finished-product manufacturers'procurement strategies? All these will be discussed at the Summit.

    Proposed Topics

  • Innovation Globalization and the China Market
  • Who Help SME Distributors Solve Supply Chain Finance Problems?
  • Integration of B2B Platforms and Components Distribution
  • When will the Ten-Billion-Yuan e-Commerce Distributors Emerge in China?
  • The Rise of China ICs: What are the Opportunities for Distributors?
  • Subtle Changes in Relationships between Components Suppliers and Distributors
  • Supply Chain Management in the Face of Unprecedented Supply and Demand Fluctuation
  • Smart Supply Chain Strategies for ODM and EMS
  • What does the Future Hold for Traditional Distributors?
  • Roundtable Discussion: AI, Digitization, e-Commerce ...
Keynote Speakers
Concurrent Events