As the Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart revolution sweep across industries, China is at the forefront of technology development and application. The country leads the world in the mobile Internet, with more than 695 million netizens using mobile devices to go online, and its adoption of mobile payment, e-commerce, shared economy services and online entertainment is unparalleled. At the recent CPC National Congress, President Xi Jinping put emphasis on innovation-driven development, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, big data, and modern supply chains. As all eyes are on China's technology development, the Global CEO Summit in Shenzhen is themed "Intelligent China", and will gather together industry leaders from around the world to discuss critical issues such as the impact and opportunities of artificial intelligence, the roadmap for IoT success, competing networking standards and protocols, and more.
Keynote Speakers
  • Wei Shaojun

    IC Design Branch, China Semiconductor Industry Association

    President & CEO
  • Tyson Tuttle

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Silicon Labs
  • Nicky Lu

    CEO, Founding Chairman, Etron Technology, Inc.
    Chairman, Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association
  • José FRANCA

    Former State Secretary of Education, Portugal
    Parnter, Keensight Capital
  • Lars Reger

    NXP Semiconductors’ Automotive Business Unit
  • Luca Verre

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Paul Boudre

  • Wayne Dai

    Chairman, President and CEO
  • Victor Peng

    President and CEO
Keynote Topics
  • Tyson Tuttle, CEO, Silicon Labs

  • Lars Reger, CTO, NXP Automotive

  • Luca Verre, CEO, Prophesee

  • Nicky Lu, CEO, Etron Technology, Inc. 

  • Paul Boudre, CEO, SOITEC

  • José Franca, Partner at Keensight Capital, Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Founder of Chipidea, 

  • Wayne Dai, Chairman, President and CEO, VeriSilicon

  • Victor Peng, President and CEO, Xilinx

  • More topics to be announced soon!

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